Market Garden

If you have been driving by the back of the feed store lot, you might see a bunch of old brush.  Little by little I’m clearing out for the spring growing season.  I’m waiting for some onions to be delivered and I’m scabbing over our seed potatoes.

Last year was a learning year for us.  After nine months of intensive gardening, Mark and I learned a bunch about what we want to do this year and even more about what we DON’T want to do this year.  We’re starting out by doing less.  This year we’re also trying to expand the sales area in the main store.  This will leave much less time for gardening, so I’m trying to limit myself to cultivating the best sections of the garden, growing only the best sellers for the store, and putting the garden to bed after the last tomato is picked for the summer.


mark gardening.jpg
Trying out a new tool.  Mark made his own broadfork.