Fruit & pecan trees will be here near February 14th.  All trees are container grown (not bare root) in Texas.  We only order varieties that are recommended for the Pflugerville area.  What’s coming in February:


Peaches (5 gal) – Early Elberta, Belle of Georgia, Redskin, Junegold, Sam Houston

Pears (5 gal) – Keiffer, Orient, 20th Century (Asian)

Apples (5 gal) – Gala, Granny Smith, Anna

Plums (5 gal) – Santa Rosa, Methley, Bruce

Figs (5 gal) – Texas Everbearing

Persimmon (5 gal) – Fuyu

Pecan Trees (6 gal) – Desirable, Choctaw

Blueberries (1 gal) – Climax, Austin

Grapevines (2 gal) – Thompson Seedless (green), Red Flame (red)

Blackberries (1 gal) – Apache, Arapahoe


You can’t tell by looking, but a lot is going on behind the scenes here at Gaddy’s to get ready for spring.  We have potatoes in now, the onions are arriving next week, and fruit and pecan trees will be here in February.  March is when things really get going in the garden center.  This year we are excited to work with a new grower and plan to have a full selection of vegetable and flowering bedding plants.