Derksen Buildings

Looking for a high quality building, you can customize to suit your needs?  Come browse through the Derksen Buildings at Gaddy’s.  If you don’t find a style that works for you, we can help you design your own building.

Derksen manufactures the buildings at their plant in McGreggor, Texas then delivers them to your property.  Derksen also builds on site, but the price is a bit more.  All Derksen buildings can be bought outright or can be leased to own, you just have to put down the first month’s rent.  No credit checks necessary.


Derksen makes barns, utility buildings, portable garages, sheds, and cabins.  Each can be constructed with painted, urethane or treated siding, or with metal.  Most buildings may have a metal or composition shingle roof.   Many options are available for all types of buildings including door and window choices and placement.  Derksen can even partially or fully finish out buildings for customers who would like to use them as cabins or tiny houses.

Here are the Derksen Buildings we have on our lot at this time.  All can be bought straight off the lot.  Derksen will deliver them to your home for no charge.

cabana.jpg Above is a 10′ x 16′ Cabana with a metal roof.  Each end is lined with benches.  Great for outdoor living or entertaining.  $3710.  It is built on skids and has a deck floor.

Above is a Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin.  Derksen can deliver this to your property most anywhere in Texas.  It could be a weekend cabin or a all the time tiny house.  The loft offers extra space for storage or a sleeping loft. Inside walls can be insulated at the Derksen facility.  Derksen also offers an electric package.  As is, this 12′ x’ 34′ cabin sells for $9,610.  On a 36 month rent to own plan it would be $444.91/month plus tax.

Above are a couple of Metro Sheds.  These buildings are designed to fit up against an exterior wall on your house.  They are a great way to squeeze in lots of extra storage without taking up as much land space in your backyard.

These side lofted barns make great workshops.  The lofts on either side offer excellent storage.  All doors are customizable.  You can even add workbenches around the side.   This building is 12′ x 24′ and is $7085.

hoa utility

This is a Utility Shed that is short enough to be approved by some more strict HOA’s.  Derksen buildings can also be constructed using lap siding if this is required by your HOA.  This 8′ x 12′ is $2055 and offers ample space for overflow storage.


Above is a 12′ x 32′ garage.   It constructed on 12″ floor joists.  We recommend the Advantec floor for durability–and Derksen offers it for no extra charge.  This building is $6655.

lofted barn two of.jpg

These 10′ x 16′ lofted barns offer lots of storage with a moderate footprint.  The building on the left is painted, the one on the right is urethane treated.  Both cost $3295.

Below right is a urethane treated Utility Building.  It is a recent addition to the lot.  The Side Utility Building on the left is the only metal Derksen building we have on the lot at Gaddy’s but all buildings can be constructed using the metal siding


I enjoy learning about what people are doing with their Derksen buildings.  Here are a few links to my favorite videos: