Almost every day someone asks us about Frank.  I always tell them Frank’s doing great, but he’s working harder now running cattle than when he was running the feed store.  And that’s really saying something.  Here’s a picture of some of Frank’s calves looking for some cattle cubes.  These lucky calves have only one really bad day.


Mark and I have been enjoying the fruits of Frank and his second wife Dolly’s labors.  I haven’t purchased store bought beef for two years.  Soon, you can try some out too.  Frank’s beef will be available at the feed store.  He has it butchered at an approved facility and vacuum pack packaged so it stores well.  Of course if you want a whole calf, or half a calf, we can certainly set you up with Frank to see when the next calves will be ready.

Pasture raised beef. A day in the life of Frank’s cattle.