July 7 update:  Frank delivered a large load of fresh meat to the store yesterday morning.  For a price list please click here.

Many of you know Mark’s dad, Frank.  Although it’s been a couple of year’s since you’ve seen Frank working at the store, he’s busier than ever running cattle at his place outside of Pflugerville.  He and his second wife have a lovely herd of very well cared for cattle.  We sell beef from Frank & Dolly’s herd at the store–by the piece–but you can also purchase a whole or half calf and have it butchered just the way you’d like.  Frank has some calves ready for the processor in mid-June.  If you’re interested email Kim at or call or email Frank through the following link:  FG Lowlines contact us page.




Pasture raised beef. A day in the life of Frank’s cattle.