Hard to say goodbye . . .

Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn.  –Burt Bacharach

                Gaddy’s Feed will be closing before the end of this year.  It has not been an easy decision for us, but it is a good one.  We feel we are leaving the store and our community on a good note.  After a couple of years of hard work and many changes to the store, our numbers are up, we enjoy what we do, but our efforts just cannot outpace the increases we have seen in property taxes and other operating expenses.  In the past we have modified our business to change as our community changed around us.  The current development codes under which we operate restrict us from being able to change our business utilizing the limited budget on which our small family business operates.  We also understand those same codes help create a community desirable to new growth.  We are encouraged to see the growth in Pflugerville and are excited to think of all the possibilities out there for the new owner of 403 FM 685.  I am sure the property will be developed in a way to fit the needs of our community.

                We especially want to thank each and every one of you who has come through our doors over the last 45 years and supported our business.  You made is possible for us serve our community.  Mark and I also want to thank Rodney Vander Laan for helping us run the business.  Rodney has been at Gaddy’s for almost 20 years and does more before 9am than I sometimes do all day.  We want to thank Jen, Dathan and Zaki too for sticking in out with us.  It’s not always easy to work for a family business.  Their hard work and fun attitude make coming to work fun.  We are all going to be sad to shut the gate for the last time, but we all have other pursuits we are eager to explore.  Frank is staying busy running cattle and going fishing, Mark’s thinking about getting into real estate when he’s not fishing with his dad, and I am going back to nursing.  Running a small business often leaves little time to spend with family.  We are hoping to catch-up on a lot of missed family time in the next few years. 

                We hope you stop by the store before the end of the year to say goodbye.  As of today, we are putting everything BESIDES firewood, livestock feed, wild bird feed, and pet feed on sale for 20% off.  We also have store fixtures, shelving, and lots of odds and ends for sale. 

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