Mark & Kim learn to YouTube

Mark and I are proof that old dogs can learn new tricks.  After lots of trial and error we are finding our way around YouTube, a new camera and video editing software.  And our marriage is still intact!

As small small-business owners, we don’t have the budget to do much advertising.  I looked into print advertising and realized I could either hire a part-time employee or I could do a monthly ad in a local paper.  I didn’t do the ad.  But I did decide that we had to start being more creative in letting the community know who we are.

I started this blog and learned how to post on Facebook.  We’ve done some store events –super-fun!  And now we’re trying our hand at making videos.  We’re hoping videos can be a way to address common questions we hear from customers.  Our second video is about how to use our Brown Bag fertilizer.  It’s great fertilizer for our clay soil, but -apart from coverage information- there are no instructions on the bag.  Now we can direct our customers to our video to see how we set our spreader when we apply Brown Bag.

We have a bunch to learn.  On the most recent video I was so intent on getting Mark in focus, I didn’t realize I also had the tripod in the shot.  I tried to hide it in ‘post production’ but boogered-up and the tripod pops into frame for about a second.  I’m telling myself that getting content posted is more important than perfection.  I’d never post anything if I waited until I was fully competent.  –I think there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

If you have any suggestions for future videos please let me know and I’ll see what we can do.    (Also, Bo is sad that Mark’s video is getting more plays than his.  You can watch Bo dig a carrot at Gaddy’s youtube channel.)


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