Where do we go from here?

We had a great time celebrating 45 years in business.  Many thanks to everyone who showed up for the party last weekend!  Mark and I work very hard to keep our doors open, but we know we wouldn’t still be in business if we didn’t have the help of enthusiastic co-workers, supportive customers and loyal business partners.  Thank you!


chicken ladies.jpg
Lavonya Friday, storyteller extraordinaire, Jessica Reynolds from the Reynold’s Roost and Kim Gaddy.  Three crazy chicken ladies and perhaps two future crazy chicken ladies.


It’s no secret that Mark and I have been making a lot of changes at Gaddy’s.  More than one customer has asked if we’re the new owners.  Truth is, as we entered middle, middle-age, we though about retiring and settling elsewhere, but we just couldn’t see us doing that.  We love our Pflugerville community and we love what we do.  To this end we decided we better do what Mark’s parents had always done–adapt the business to meet the changing needs of Pflugerville.

Besides painting the building and putting in some new-to-us shelving, we have invested in several new lines of pet food including Orijen, Acana, Primal, Weruva and Fromm.   The product line at Gaddy’s  reflects our increasing awareness of the many food options available to pet parents and the importance of high quality nutrition in promoting quality of life for our pets.

acana rep.jpg

And to make getting your pet’s food even easier, this month we are going to trial both curbside pick-up and delivery to 78660 zip codes.  If you are interested in testing the system out for either program, please email me at kimgaddy@gaddys.com.  If this is like anything that we have tried in the past, we are going to have to work through some knots in the system before it gets going smoothly.

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Another new old thing for us is plants–lots more plants!  An unexpected result of looking at old pictures of the store as we prepared for our 45th birthday party, was realizing how much we missed the plants.  This spring we re-connected with some of the growers we used to do business with years ago.  We also met some new local growers who we are excited to start doing business with.  Although we don’t think we will ever utilize the whole two acres again, our plans for the future include expanding back into trees and shrubs as well as cacti and succulents.

Just one last picture.  Here’s hoping to see all of you in five years for our 50th birthday party!  Thank you, Meredith, for passing out cupcakes for us!!!!


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