Free Chick Event

For a long time, I’ve wanted to host some sort of educational event about raising chickens at Gaddy’s, but I’ve never been organized enough to make the idea a reality during the busy spring months.  This year, Ron Cunningham from Coyote Creek Organic Farm has come to my aid.  Ron has graciously agreed to come out to Gaddy’s and teach a couple of short chicken classes for us on March 3rd.  He’s doing the ‘beginner’ class from 1-2pm.  In this class Ron will talk about what you need to raise chicks.  It’s a great class if you have new chicks or are thinking about getting some.  The second class, from 2:15-3:15pm, will focus on things helpful to know when managing mature layers in a backyard setting.  Come to one or  both classes.  It’s a free event.  We’ll even have some feed and door prizes to give away.  The only catch is–please bring your own lawn chair or folding chair.  We have plenty of space, just not plenty of chairs.

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