August Garden Chores

cucumberAugust is so brutally hot, it’s hard to feel like gardening, but if you can stand to get out in the heat, you can reward yourself and your family with one more planting of squash or cucumbers before it gets too late in the season.  This week Wade planted a bunch of slicing cucumbers out in the Gaddy’s garden and I planted a couple rows of squash.  In 50-60 days we hope to have fresh cucumbers and squash back in the store.

Mark ‘air rooted’ a bunch of tomato cuttings from our spring tomato plants.  They are now fully rooted out in 4″ pots and will go out into the garden next week.  Hopefully as soon as our high temperatures move consistently below 95 degrees the tomato plants will be established and ready to bloom and set fruit.  Tomatoes grown in the fall can often be the best of the year.  Usually we eat fresh tomatoes up until the first frost when we pick all the tomatoes ripe and green alike, and fry them up or make salsa.


Kaleb and I planted pumpkin plants last month and, with Wade’s help, have been diligently keeping them watered.  This is our first attempt at pumpkins, so we plan to make many mistakes.  I also planted some sunflowers.  I hope to have a lovely backdrop of sunflowers right in time for pumpkin picking.  Here’s a link to a great youtube time-lapse video of a pumpkin patch.  pumpkin video


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