Summer Update

Summer gardening in Texas may be challenging, but with a little effort (OK a LOT of effort, and even more water) you can pull fabulous vegetables out of the garden even when the thermometer tips 100 degrees.  Here are a few pictures of the summer crops now available at Gaddy’s.  The large cantaloupe is Hale’s Best variety and the small melons are a ‘personal size’ variety called Lilliput.  Watermelon doesn’t normally enjoy our black clay soil but the mini-love and sugar baby melons I tried worked out well.  I love the color of the pink eye pea hulls.  Although it takes a bit of work to shell them, the flavorful pay-off is well worth it.  Okra is always a sure bet when the weather gets unbearably hot.  We even have had great luck with the cut flowers despite the climbing temperatures.

eggsThe little chicks we started raising in February started laying just this week.  Each day I collect 6-10 pullet eggs and expect to find more and more as the weeks pass.  Soon we will have fresh eggs to sell at the store.  You can even visit the girls while you’re here.  They like the attention.  Most mornings the hens go outside for a little stroll in the garden but are back in the coop by noon when it gets too hot for exercise.

Frank just brought us a freezer-ful of beef.  The packages have a Westphalia labels, but that’s just because the meat is processed by Westphalia.  All the beef in the freezer was raised completely on Frank’s ranch and lives the life of riley.  The steaks may look a bit smaller than what you find at the grocery because Frank butchers his calves when they weigh about 600lbs.  It makes for the best tasting beef we’ve ever eaten.  Click here for a price list.

Even though we are still getting good produce out of the garden, it won’t be too long before we take a little garden break for the worst dog days of the summer.  Don’t give up on us though, we are already getting ready for Fall.  We have pumpkin plants in the ground and in flats just waiting to go into the field.   We’re rooting out our favorite tomato varieties and planning our Fall sunflower planting.  We hope to have a great pumpkin patch this year complete with a sunflower backdrop for family photos.  We’ll let you know how it goes.

pumpkin plant

Hope everybody has a safe summer!  Now get out there an enjoy yourself!

chickens waterskiing

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