Pearl Guinea Chicks Available at Gaddy’s

(Pearl Guinea chicks $5.99 each.  12 available.)

My father in law’s guineas regularly show up in my front yard just around the time I’m drinking my morning coffee.  They work their way across the grass, eating bugs as they go.  (I took the picture above as Mark and I were leaving the house this morning.)  If you have the space for them, guineas are the perfect yard bird.  While chickens need shelter and protection, guineas tend to be hardy and self-sufficient.  They provide excellent bug control as well as offer their service as guard birds.  I am particularly fond of  guineas after watching three of them make quick work of a snake.

Frank likes his guineas so much he wanted more.  So I ordered him some–and I ordered extra to sell at the store.  Until they are gone, I’ve got 12 cute little pearl guinea chicks looking for a home.  If interested, you can call before you come to make sure they are still here (512-251-4428).

A note about guineas:  Frank’s little heard of guineas started years ago when Mark and I lived on a little piece of property off Old Gregg Ln.  Mark and I kept a few free range hens who happily roamed the Old Gregg place until my little group of guinea chicks grew up and formed a rather mean spirited girl-gang.  When they weren’t harassing the chickens, the guineas were perched on the roof of our neighbor’s back porch noisily announcing their presence.  To keep the peace with our neighbors and with our laying hens, we gave our guineas to Frank.  Over the years they have provided Frank with excellent bug control, some yard aeration, and lots of comedic relief.  In return,  the guineas have required very little.  They roost in the trees, forage for their food and prefer to be left alone.

To learn more about guineas check out this Mother Earth article:  Raising Guinea Fowl

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