Pellet Grill Demo Saturday, June 2

I won’t lie.  Mark and I have been looking for a reason to get a demo pellet grill for the store for a long time.  We finally bit the bullet and ordered one.  Help us break in our Louisiana Grill tomorrow and stop by for a slice of brisket.  We’re looking forward to showing you how easy it is to grill a great piece of meat on a pellet smoker.

I have also modified the pricing on our produce.  But price is the only thing I’ve changed.  All our vegetables are still grown on site and grown using organic gardening methods.

Tomatoes $2.50/lb, Onions $2.00/lb, Squash $1.50/lb, Spaghetti squash $1.50/lb, Cucumbers $1.50/lb, Green Beans $4.00/lb, Fordhook Lima Beans $2.00/lb, Bell Peppers $1.00 each, Tomatillos $2.50/lb

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