Butcher Calves Ready for Mid-June Processing

Many of you ask after Frank.  He is doing well and keeping very bupasture-raised-beefsy running cattle on his place just outside of Pflugerville.  Instead of retiring, he and his second wife, Dolly, have full-time jobs looking after a growing herd of cattle.  Frank and Dolly know each calf by name and tell you about their history and personality.  I joke that Frank’s calves only have one really bad day in their entire life.

We are so proud to sell Frank’s beef at Gaddy’s.  It is simply the best beef I’ve ever tasted –plus I can feel comfortable eating it knowing how well cared for the animals are.

When we had kids at home, Mark and I would get half a calf from Frank that would keep our freezer well stocked for several months.  These days I just get meat from the freezer at Gaddy’s , but if you would like to butcher a whole or half-calf, I happen to know that Frank has a few extra calves that will go to the butcher in mid-June.


Here’s how it works:

  1.  You contact Frank (his contact information is here) and reserve a half or whole calf.  He will need a deposit before the calf is taken to the butcher.  You can also talk to Mark or me (Kim) the next time you’re in Gaddy’s.
  2. Decide how you want your calf processed and fill out a cut sheet for the butcher.  You get to tell the butcher things like how thick you want your steaks, what type of steaks you want cut, what you want ground into hamburger meat, if you want round steaks and if so do you want them tenderized–you get the idea.  You also get to tell the butcher how to package the meat and in what pound increments.  (I recommend vacuum packaging.)  I can get you a cut sheet at Gaddy’s if you need one.
  3. Fax the cut sheet to Westphalia Meat Market where Frank will deliver the Calves.  I can also fax this for you if you bring it to Gaddy’s.
  4. Frank will take the calf to the butcher in Westphalia.
  5. The butcher will give Frank a ‘hanging weight’ of the calf.  You will pay Frank based on the hanging weight (minus your deposit of course).
  6. The butcher will process and package the calf.  It takes about two to three weeks.
  7. Unless you want to drive out to Westphalia to pick up your meat, have the meat sent to the Westphalia Meat Market in Hutto.  They will call you when it’s ready to be picked up.  You will pay the processing fee when you pick up the meat.
  8. Grill.  Roast.  Fry.  Broil.  Braise.  Enjoy.

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