Garden Update

I’ve been spending more time out in the garden lately than in front of my computer.  Mark and I have been saying that this is our market garden ‘learning year,’ and we are busy learning just how labor intensive managing an acre of garden can be.  Here is a little photo update on what’s going on in the garden.

The onions were one of the first crops we planted, starting in mid January.  They looked so puny when we first planted them.  Now they are nearing harvest.

The tomatoes we started from seed are loaded with beautiful fruit.  The abnormally warm spring helped get our crop off a good start.

We have plenty of peppers almost ready and even a tomatillo or two.

Melons, beans and corn are a bit farther behind, but look great so far.

It’s always fun to try something new out in the garden.  This year I’m trying to grow some cut flowers to sell alongside our vegetables.  I’m experimenting with heat-loving annuals this year and if all goes well, I’ll branch out into more challenging flowers in the fall.  Here’s a couple pics of my sunflowers.  Even the foliage is lovely.  I can’t wait to see the blooms.

Please stop by the store and see what’s going on in the garden yourself.  You’re always welcome to take a stroll down the road that divides the garden, just watch your step and let us know up at the store that you’re headed back there.  One last before and after.


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