Fighting Weeds with the Hula Hoe

It’s challenging to keep any size garden weeded.  Mark and I are barely managing to stay one step ahead of the weeds in our market garden.  For plants that are not grown in groundcover, the hula hoe has been a godsend.  The hula hoe goes by several names.  It’s also called a stirrup hoe because it’s blade is  in the shape of a stirrup or a scuffle hoe because it scuffles back and forth in the soil.

Mark does a little demonstration (below) of how we use the hula hoe in our garden.  It’s good for clearing up walkways or even in between plants.  The hoe sweeps the weed’s feet right out from under them, slicing the roots below the soil line.  The hoe’s blade cuts on both the pull and the push strokes.  (Note:  you can tell that Mark prefers the ‘pull’ stroke in the video.)

The hoe works best with a nice sharp blade.  Use a file to sharpen the blade once it feels dull.

We carry this hoe at Gaddy’s.  It retails for $19.99.

It is best to use the hula hoe on young tender weeds.  I prefer to weed early in the morning on a hot day so the sun can bake any exposed root system.  Clear the weed debris from you garden and put it in the compost pile.


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