Underage Sex in the Garden is Discouraged

My young cucumber plants are too precocious for their own good.  Not yet 10″ high they are already blooming and trying to produce baby cucumbers.  Not so fast, little cucumbers.

cucumber with bloom

These plants are way too small to support fruit AND sustain healthy growth at the rate needed for long-term fruit production.  Although it is very hard to do, a ‘tough-love’ approach is the best in this situation.  A bit of pruning is in order.

cucumber pruned.jpg

I always pinch off the first blooms of the season (for cucumbers, squash or melons) even if my plants are looking especially vigorous.  This way the plants can put all of their energy into establishing a good root system instead of tending to raising little ones of their own.  With proper care these plants will soon reach a mature size and will produce prodigious amounts of fruit.

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